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I try to create wines that suit our climate and our way of life – wines to drink with the food we grow, make and eat.

– Spectra

Spectra winery was realised to focus on our passion for the region and its ability to produce dry – grown and environmentally sustainable wine. Recently a new home was established on our holistic philosophy to winemaking which starts with climate, empahasises the importance on the vineyard, as well as wine’s relation to the food we love to grow, cook, and eat.

Sandra and Josh Jennings+

Sandra and Josh Jennings, Sales and Marketing

Jonathon Abbott+

Jonathon Abbott, Vineyard Manager

Leslie Stewart+

Leslie Stewart, Winemaker

Margaret and Harry Jennings+

Margaret and Harry Jennings, Owners

Sandra and Josh Jennings

Sandra and Josh Jennings, Sales and Marketing

Josh is a Brand and Marketing Strategist who partners with executives and solopreneurs to grow their personal and professional brands. After spending nearly a decade working in PR and marketing for multimillion dollar brands and startups, Josh decided to move back home to work at the family winery.

Sandra met Josh while they studied together at Boston University. She joined Spectra Winery with Josh as the Sales Manager. With her extensive experience in the sales industry, she has helped Spectra Winery grow immensely.

Sandra and Josh both hold an MBA from Boston University. They enjoy hikes on the weekends and spending time with their two children, Sarah and Ryan.

Sandra and Josh Jennings can be contacted at [email protected].


Jonathon Abbott

Jonathon Abbott, Vineyard Manager

Johnathon is a B.Sc. chemist and MBA graduate with twenty years’ industry experience in various industrial applications including the geothermal sector.  He has worked in various business, project management, and operational roles for private and multinational firms.  His experience also covers raising capital and mapping growth strategies for enterprises on a global scale.  He has lived abroad for 10 years and gained exposure to various government and industrial relations policies in over 17 countries ranging from the UK through the middle east to Asia and Asia pacific. Jonathon has been in Indonesia for a total of four years and joined Spectra Winery in February 2017.

Jonathon Abbott can be contacted at [email protected].


Leslie Stewart

Leslie Stewart, Winemaker

Leslie Stewart is one of American’s most valued winemakers.

She was raised in California where she spent summers with her family exploring the different wine regions of the nation. Her mother, a professor of Enology, gave her an introduction to and appreciation for wine. Her fascination in the field led her to pursue a degree in Enology from UCLA.

Leslie’s passion for truly understanding the unique qualities and characteristics of vineyards brought her to Spectra Winery where she has been a winemaker for the last 20 years.

Leslie Stewart can be contacted at [email protected].


Margaret and Harry Jennings

Margaret and Harry Jennings, Owners

Margaret and Harry Jennings both worked as Wine Consultants for the better part of the 70s and 80s. A strong love of wine eventually led them to purchasing Spectra Winery and beginning a life of winemaking.

Margaret and Harry Jennings can be contacted at [email protected].




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